Waverley Arms Tue, Aug 01 2017 20:00

Stewards Enquiry

Andy D

There was late drama tonight after some marking shenanigans were exposed at the death. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry discovered that they were one point worse than they'd been awarded resulting in a late tie break with the Bristols (who'd committed the marking error) for the house wine. Stunningly the Red Lorry's knew the exact answer to the question leaving them triumphant and the Bristols having to console themselves with the hope that their friends, the So Solid Poo, would probably split their first place bar tab with them. Commiserations go to the early front runners Escape From the Kids who proved the old adage that a half time burger feast can slow the brain down, and of course the South East London Massive who may well kick off next time if they have to continue paying for their wine! Well done everyone and see you next time.

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