Waverley Arms Tue, Aug 15 2017 20:00

The Quiz That Loves a Tie

Andy D

Another week, another tie break from the quiz that can't seem to get enough of the tension. After our last place tie break a week ago this time round the top prize had to be settled the same way. Entente Cordial were the victors this time round on their debut at the quiz edging out the unlucky Quizster Act 2 who had managed to talk themselves out of giving the exact answer. Impressive efforts from the returning Charity and the Quiztian Soldiers ran them close and a packed middle ground saw Mensa Idiot, Ken Dodd's Dad, Cary & The Glushwoods and the Buttercups all seperated by 2 points. Skandaraza were very much in last place but enjoyed every minute leaving No Eyed Dear to comfortably take the free wine. A really fun quiz this week guys, thanks for coming. See you next week!

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Top Teams
Entente Cordial
Quizster Act 2
We'll Give the Prize to Charity
Onward Quiztian Soldiers
Ken Dodd's Dad's Dead
Carys and the Glushwoods
Quiz Me Up Buttercup
A Mensa Idiot
No Eyed Dear