Waverley Arms Tue, May 16 2017 20:00

Tie Tie Stephen Fry

Andy D

Boy that was fun! The Absentee Fathers may have won their 'monthly justification for hiring a babysitter' first prize but it was at the other end of the table where the excitement was with Avocado Hands beating the South East London Massive in a tie breaker on Stephen Fry. Escape from the Kids won a free drink and Charity gave their usual valiant effort but the Absentee Fathers were not to be denied. Special mention must go to Georgia from Georgia O'Queef for gathering a team from far and wide on her recommendation of the quiz. Thanks very much Georgia, keep spreading the word and well done everybody.

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Absentee Fathers
We'll Give the Prize to Charity
Escape From The Kids
Georgia O'Queef
Avocado Hands
South East London Massive