Waverley Arms Tue, Sep 19 2017 20:00

Waverley in No Tie Break Shock!

Andy D

Some things in life never change. There are certain constants that give us a feeling of security in these troubled times. Night will always follow day, winter will always turn to spring, it will always be 1994 in Catford and the Waverley quiz will always end in a tie break controversy.
But not this week.
For last night the universe was rocked to its very core as four teams of quizzers contrived to upset all that we know and hold true.
There was controversy, but only because there was no tie.
At half time only a point separated the teams but by the end it was a straightforward victory for the Clan as each team contrived to score a different amount of points to each other.
Dreamy Teamy won the second from last place wine and the Cherry Punnet Brigade came second. Onward Quiztian Soldiers (previous tie break victors themselves) finished a surprise fourth despite bringing a dog which is usually lucky.
In the end though what was left was a feeling that life will never be the same again.
The world has changed.
For ever.
Well done everyone and thanks for coming!

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