Westow House Tue, Mar 22 2016 20:00

What McWhatface?

Marnie N

A pattern emerged with tonight's names with Boaty McBoatface, Quizzy McQuizface and Grahamy McGrahamface all joining in the fun. It was Teamy McTeamface who took Round 1 glory. They also to the top of the tree in Round 2 but had to share with Hide-a-Crab who snuck the cash in the tiebreak. The regulars were over the moon with their first ever win!! Well done Crabs!! And still the jackpot rolls over. Come join the fun next week!

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Top Teams
Hide a crab
Teamy McTeamface
Dane Brammage
Grahamy McGrahamface
It's All in the hips
Boaty McBoatface