White Bear Tue, Dec 12 2017 19:30

'Big fact hunt' found most of the answers

Nick H

It was prizes galore at the last Quiz Night before Christmas at the White Bear in Ruislip.

Team 'Big fact hunt' scored 39 points out of a possible 46 points to deservedly take the £30 bar and food voucher first prize and 'The Celtic Fringe' strategically scored 31 points to take the £20 bar and food voucher second (to last) prize as well winning one of the evening's free drink spot prizes; 'Scouting for points' being the other beneficiary. 'Quiz on my face' benefited from two bonus points for the best staff judged origami haircut, .........but still came last!

The positive and confident team 'Turners' didn't win the first prize as they initially anticipated, but despite their injured pride they did however win the opportunity to select from the remaining six jackpot envelopes. They selected envelope number 8 and blow me down, they went home very happy having won the jackpot cash prize of £83!

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