White Bear Tue, Nov 27 2018 19:30

"Save A Tree, Eat A Beaver" Climb To Victory!

Sarah R

"Save A Tree, Eat A Beaver" were victorious at The White Bear on Tuesday night, grabbing the gold by a mere half a point in a hotly-fought quizzing battle.
"The Leopard Ladies" tied with "Fearless Four & Friends" for the second-to-bottom honours, but The LLs had a point deducted (according to quiz rules) for having an overlarge team of 7 - & hence penalised themselves into the prize position!
The LLs also won round 2's free drink (& its accompanying points), with round 1's drink & points going to FF&F.
Bonus questions were Xmas song-themed this week & the creative round had teams providing alternative lyrics for a Xmas song of their choice. The bar staff judged Simple Minds' version of 'Silent Night' (a depiction of the reality of the Xmas experience that resonated with many) as the winner.
Newbies "Kim Pong Un" won themselves a stab at the jackpot, but their envelope contained merely a 'packet of crisps'. So next week will be yet another rollover...

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