White Bear Tue, Aug 14 2018 19:30

Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver & the Horrible Holiday Souvenir

Sarah R

Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver were victorious at The White Bear on Tuesday night, helped by the 4 bonus points they won alongside the free drink in round 2.
Just Roped In took the second-to-last prize (via an exciting tiebreak finish against KatSue) & were very glad they had indeed been 'just roped in'.
The free drink in round 1 (with its 2 bonus points) went to Big Fact Hunt, & they also triumphed in the creative round. In a break from tinfoil this week, teams designed a souvenir plate for their worst holiday ever - BFH's winning plate involved a bug....
There was a holiday theme to the bonus rounds this week, & the jackpot question was based around package holidays. Big Fact Hunt won the chance to pick an envelope, but it was empty.
So the jackpot rolls over for another week.....

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