White Bear Tue, Feb 27 2018 19:30

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Celia L

Best way to stay out of the cold? Of course the answer is to head indoors to The White Bear in the warm and do a pub quiz! I’m glad our 6 teams tonight were of the same opinion as me and what an eventful evening we had!

Congratulations to reigning team 'The Big Fact Hunt', who managed not to slip on the ice and fall from their top spot as reigning champions now for the second week in a row.

Special commendation to 'The Manic Street Teachers' for their name and their tin foil sculpture entry! The theme I chose was “Things that are cold”: we had icicles, winter Olympic courses, snowflakes, a polar bear, but 'The Manic Street Teachers' pulled all the stops out with their impressively realistic champagne complete with ice cubes and ice bucket! Phenomenal craftsmanship- I was surprised to then find out that they weren’t art or design Teachers but humanities and math`s!! Clearly hidden talents there. What a corker of a sculpture!

And final congratulations to Holly from team 'Abso-Bloody-Lutely' who won tonight’s jackpot!! All £13.00 which she triumphantly declared she was going to spend on a cheeseboard for the team. What a way to end the evening and my time covering for this venue! It’s been an utter pleasure! :)

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