White Bear Tue, Oct 02 2018 19:30

"Ursula's Chins" Magic Up a Win

Sarah R

"Ursula's Chins" were definitely not 'poor unfortunate souls' when they won gold at The White Bear on Tuesday night. They were helped to victory by winning the creative round (make a new Dr Who monster from a paper plate, a lolly stick, a pipe cleaner & a felt pen....in the true tradition of BBC Sci-Fi) - as well as by "Charlie the dog", who celebrated their win with a chorus of barks.
Second-to-bottom honours went to "The Fearless Four", while both (kids' TV-themed this week) free drink questions were won by "Simple Minds".
Newbies "Alley Cats" won a stab at the jackpot but their envelope contained only a free drink, so the jackpot rolls over again for a fourth week.....

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