White Bear Tue, Feb 20 2018 19:30

We’re Going On A Big Fact Hunt ...

Celia L

A lovely change of scenery this evening to be at the White Bear in Ruislip- what an enthusiastic and utterly effervescent Quizzing throng tonight! So my favourite part of the way this Quiz is run is their special addition of “The Half Time Tin Foil” Challenge.

Tin foil?


Yes reader you see correctly. So what this involves is each team creating a sculpture out of tin foil in the 15 minute break on a theme of the quiz master’s choosing, for an extra 2 points to be added to their overall score come the end of the quiz. So being me, Stagey Celia, and having just done my first graduate showcase where we put on our production of “Sister Act” last weekend, it only seemed fitting that my chosen theme was Musical a theatre. We had Phantom of the Opera masks (it’s a really good idea, they should consider it- much easier and cheaper to replace quite frankly!), we had witches brooms suitable to defy gravity on the stage at the Victoria Apollo in the hit-musical “Wicked”, we had 5 Guys Named Mo lovingly moulded out of foil, but the winner has to be team “Abso-bloody-lutely” who recreated the whole of the West End with a wee prop as a nod to each show. Such detail and I am a sucker for the finer details. Such innovation and so well-executed. Well done to you and best of luck to one of their members who is going to be starting her studies at another Drama School East 15 in september!

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to secure them first place - they did draw with “The Big Fact hunt”, who then managed to just pinch that first place £30 voucher in the tie breaker question!

So much fun tonight and sincerely hope to cover a quiz again - I really want to steal that tin foil idea for my own venue - what a genius idea!!!

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