White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Nov 28 2016 19:30

A Quiz Team Wins at a Quiz in Which a Quiz Occurs!

Tim B

In a world in which pub quizzes exist, the pub quiz at the White Hart in Crystal Palace is a good example of such a quiz. It's not life changing, but then very few quizzes are - unless you met your current wife at a pub quiz, obviously. But it's probably too soon to tell regarding the current crop of players, but what I can say for certain is that AT LEAST SOME DREAMS DID COME TRUE. For, you see, many of our teams arrived ready to chase the impossible dream of a £50 bar tab and the infinite and unending respect for one's contemporaries, even though they're strangers.

Luckily, everyone at the quiz was basically not a terrible person because otherwise the whole event would have been horrible to behold - in contrast the whole event was fine verging on acceptable and perhaps pushing its way into likable. In future weeks, YOU may have a chance to compete with current champions SULLICOS for a place in our quiz. the only way you're allowed to play is by paying two pounds per head to enter and then yell obscemototes at a group of people who, at heart, are basically decent people.

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