White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Dec 05 2016 19:30

A Team Who Haven't Won Before Win For The First Time

Tim B

Such excitement has never before been witnessed upon the darling eaves of Crystal Palace's buttresses. This Monday, like many Mondays previous and, indeed, many Mondays hence, the White Hart hosted a pub quiz in which questions were answered, many of them answered, and prizes apportioned based on each team's proportion of correct to incorrect answers.

In the absence of a better system of deciding truth in a post-truth world, it falls to quiz masters to become arbiters of what has been and what can be - "the capital of Mongolia is Ulan Battor!", they cry, or "a political system in which wealth in concentrated in the hands of the owners of capital will surely fail upon the introduction of widespread automation!" Such is their burden.

In such a climate, the only imaginable winners are people who are capable of answering more trivia questions than anyone else, and indeed it proved to be so, with Not Our Last Quiz [attached emoticon has been removed on the grounds of good taste] winning by answering more questions than everyone else.

We return next week to see if there's going to be any major change to the question/answer dynamic, but if we stray to far I fear we'll end up with speed dating.

And no one wants that.

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