White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Sep 17 2018 20:00

Highest Scores EVER

Michael L

The winning score tonight got a whopping 49 points tonight from "Quiz Flaps"! How did they get 49/40 you ask? Well, it wasn’t just that I added 5 bonus points to guess places in my bonus maps mini-game, or that I added lots of bonus points in my music intros mini-game, or that we instigated a double or nothing points booster in the final five questions. It’s that these guys are pretty good at this quizzing thing!
It also helped the evening that we had a winner of the £82 rollover jackpot on the same table tonight. So collectively, "Quiz Flaps" went home with an immense £132 tonight, not bad for a £2 joining fee!
Come back next Monday, we’ve always got more up our sleeves here at The White Hart...

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