White Hart SE19 Mon, Jan 08 2018 20:00

New year and a new start at the White Hart

Michael L

It was my first time hosting The White Hart, and what a pleasure it has been. 'The team with no name' appeared through the doors at question ten but managed o get their hands on every alcohol-related prize of the night, two free bonus drinks and a bottle of wine for second to last. This week also saw a first date to join our quiz, and low and behold, sparks were flying, but not quite enough to take the prize with a close second place. That first prize goes to regulars - 'Cambodian Scrotum Thieves'..... I’ll just leave that questionable quiz name hanging there....

Well done to all the teams, come back next week at 8!

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Cambodian scrotum thieves
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The team with no name
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