White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Sep 24 2018 20:00

Pumping On Your Stereo

Michael L

This evening I pumped up the volume on our long dormant speaker and induced an extra batch of music and audio questions into the mix of an already challenging quiz this week.
Last week we had scores breaking almost into the 50s, this time around every team found themselves stumped EXCEPT!...last week’s winners who found themselves with a score once again breaking into the 40s with a very impressive 41.
The person who was chosen to play our raffle also happened to be Sam from the same team who personally won last week’s massive rollover.
Good thing he tripped over at the last hurdle on our higher or lower game, which means folks. Next week's bonus rollover cash jackpot doubles up to a neat £37 as well as all our usual prizes, see you there...

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