White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Jul 02 2018 20:00

Straw Football, Car Logos & A Lot of Happy Belgians

Michael L

This week we introduced a few new challenges into the midst of our usual Monday night quiz here at The White Hart. Have you ever played straw football? I’ll explain it to do it: shuffle around a table or two while confusing all the teams as to what you are doing between asking quiz questions. Get a ping pong ball (or two for multi ball fun). Put a straw in several players’ mouths and tell them to blow the ball into the other teams' goals. It’s hilarious, and surprise surprise, who would come up the unexpected victory of football? Why is it the team who actively avoids it during the World Cup season by repeatedly attending my quizzes- "Grandpa’s Dictatorial Pharaoh Troupe"!

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