White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Jul 30 2018 20:00

US States, Speare Shakes & Tie-Breaks

Michael L

This week I tested the teams' skills in US states, printing them out a map and letting them get on with some good old-fashioned colouring in fun.
Meanwhile, it was also the challenge of the fastest writer in the team to scribble down (if you could even call them scribbles) as many Shakespeare plays as they could in one minute.
Along with lots of other bonus points on top of our usual noggin-bogglin’ 40 questions of the most general of knowledge made for a nail-biting tiebreaker, with "Quiz Flaps" and our regulars "Rancid Basilisk Declaration" both finishing with 37 massive points.
The ‘closest to’ question to decide the winner:
Q: How many steps are there to the top of the Leaning tower of Pisa?
"Quiz Flaps" came the closest and won a sweet £50 behind the bar!
Test your knowledge every week! Monday 8 pm at The White Hart...

Ps. A: 251 steps!

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