White Hart, Crystal Palace Mon, Feb 20 2017 19:30

What Even is a Quiz Anymore?

Tim B

As we enter the second month of Donald Trump's reign as Obviously The Next Great Dictator Of Our Age Yet Somehow People Seem Oblivious To That Fact, it seems like time to question everything we've ever known.

Why do people stand idly by as fascism creeps back into the west, even though every year in November we all get together and solemnly intone "never again"?

Why do the same lies work on a new generation of people, even though we live in an age where it's easier to access the truth than ever before?

What will happen when the inevitable consequences of widespread automation result in nationwide poverty thanks to a system of capital that values labor alone, and we've run out of migrants to blame?

Which is the only US state capital with no letters in common with the name of its state?

Still, a trivia quiz is a good way to forget the real world for a couple of hours, eh?

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