White Swan, Pimlico Mon, Dec 11 2017 19:00

Andy & Dave Are Back And They Take The Spoils Again!

Tyrone A

The team of 'Andy and Dave' were back again this week at The White Swan to cause havoc and they were the ones to walk away with the booty of cash as the other teams were all a solid 5 points behind at the end.
Although they were the ones who laughed loudest with their cash prize, there was still the small matter of who walked away with the bottle of wine and this was decided by a three team tie-break. Maria of The Speckles held her nerve to win the wine for her team after correctly guessing the height of film star Tom Cruise (5'8") and that saw for a happy nights work for her team.
Can you do better? Can you win the cash? Can you walk away with a bottle of wine? Heck, can you win the free drinks question even? Come on down to The White Swan, the finest quiz in Pimlico and find out.

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