Mike K
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Novices come good!

Regular quiz night attendees 'The Novices' finally came good tonight, and may now have to change their team name after picking up their first overall win at the British Queen. There was only one team in opposition, the 'Locksbottom mongrels', and it was a close fought battle, with only two points separating the sides, but the Novices prevailed to take the prize.

James C
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

To Be or Not Be the Winners...

In one of the tightest competitions ever in the history of our quiz, 'The Uninvincibles' added another fantastic crown to their victorious tally in what initially appeared as a 3 horse dead heat. Only an appeal for a recount confirmed their victory by a single point! 'The Bard from Stratford upon Avon' - about whose 'Prince of Denmark' one of the questions was about - would've been very proud of their erudite performance. The Jackpot, alas, wasn't won, as the only (logical) way from a Queen should've been "down" - but it wasn't!

Charles C
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

The shop in the film 'Notting Hill' is a TRAVEL book shop!!!!!

It may have been chilly outside last night but things certainly got pretty heated inside The Duchy Arms, not least when I said I was happy with teams not specifying that the book shop in the film Notting Hill is a Travel Book Shop. The room erupted in indignation but we like a little bit of light-hearted pedantry and it only added to the fun. As it happened, teams had written 'Travel Book Shop' anyway so it was difficult to know what all the fuss was about! Following the buffet of questions on topics ranging from...

Chris R
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

It's a race to the base!

Some big teams filled the floor this week with 8 Dyslexics, 7 Beautiful people and 6 Dirty Smartinis in attendance to claim bragging rights at the Railway. Back from a long absence - off touring, dontcha know! - were our swarthy thespians 'Thanks for the table!' while resident regulars 'And in 1st place'! and 'Casting Couch' was back to win the wine! 'And in 1st place!' were actually in first place for once though, but sadly, only at half time, along with 'Thanks for the table!'. Despite their high numbers, 'Dyslexics Untied' showed their class by...

Victoria S
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Quizzor Sisters are Doing For Themselves!

A lively one at The Nightingale tonight, with a massive Jackpot up for grabs! The Americans were heavily featured tonight, along with our trusty cryptic stations, and badly explained film plot (not Jaws). Very high scoring teams battled it out for 1st place with 'Quiz Tina Aguilera' almost reaching the top, but it was newcomers 'Quizzer Sisters' that took trophy (£40 bar tab). Our Jackpot was not one - contained in envelope 6 was dinner for 2, so next week we reach our summit of £500!!! Only 4 envelopes left guys, it must be won soon!!!...

Rosie D
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

The A team aced it

Taking away not only the 50 pound food and bar tab tonight, but also the 194 pound jackpot - 'The A team' sure made a good choice to join in the quiz tonight! Surrounded by alcohol and food they lapped up the glory in some disbelief. The teams were following on so closely tonight with joint places for 2nd, 3rd and 4th! See you next week!

Howard S
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Freezing Outside Red Hot Inside!

On one of the coldest nights of the year, we all kept warm by quizzing. In a fun-filled evening, a right old battle ensued between 'The Goodfellows' and 'The Backstop Boys' which ultimately was settled without blood being spilled. They also had a crack at the Jackpot but failed which means we have more money to play for next week!

Graham E
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Do It Again!

The Lorries returned to maintain their 100% record for 2019, scoring a remarkable 47.5 points to claim top spot and the £40 bar tab. 'Calum Come To Belushis' just managed to nick the bottle of wine in second-to-last, undercutting their rivals 'Quiz Tarrant' by a mere half point. The jackpot at last rolls over to next week when it should be approaching £100!

Jason T
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

The Yanks pull off another victory at the Bonaparte

Congratulations to the cheekily named "Haywood Jablomey" which had a convincing win in the latest quiz at Prince Bonaparte. They knew things about ostriches and Jason Statham that other teams clearly didn't. The wine for coming second to last was awarded to a delightful duo known as the "Hot Tub Quiz Machine" but the jackpot didn't get won meaning that there'll be £69 up for grabs next week. Book your tables now!

Anne W
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm


So tonight was the first quiz at brewhouse bedford and we had a great night!! Taking away a £25 gift card was the ladies from France and Spain, 'CALU'! And walking away with a mini keg was 'Salt Lick'! Nobody won the jackpot (although 'CALU' got very close) which means even more money to be won next week!! So come to the top of the high street and join us on Wednesday to have a pint, maybe win some beer and test your luck against the cards!

Keiran L
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Laughing Gravy take home the bacon

Tonight’s quiz was somewhat of a two horse race between 'Laughing Gravy' and 'The Barflies'. Although, 'Two Ladies' did win the two free drink questions - don’t drink it all at once! Next weeks Higher or Lower jackpot will be at £292. One of 'The Barflies' was unlucky to fall at the first hurdle by finding a pair straight away.

Daniel H
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Tie Break Drama

My first cover at Wednesday night at the Draft House in Tower Bridge and 12 rowdy teams vying for first place. Free drinks were won with 2 games of rock paper scissors and some amazing artwork on the day the rock and roll hall of fame was established in 1986. However, 2 teams tied on 49 points and we went into a tiebreak between 'Cat's Tupperware' and 'Quizzical Virgins' on the number of flying miles between London and Manchester. In fact 'Cat's Tupperware' were only 2 miles out and took tonight's first prize. Lovely night all...

Liam E
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

High Flyers

Tonight has to be one of the best scoring quizzes in The Royal Oak’s history. Our top three teams achieved scores of...37,38 and our winners tonight going by the name of “Trumps Wig Glue” got the highest score I’ve ever seen with a total of 44 out of 45 points! History has been made! Well done champs and to all tonight, another cracking quiz!

Graeme W
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Serene Sextet’s Supreme Scoring

The standard of quizzing tonight at The Hare and Billet was excellent. We had 7 out of 9 teams scoring in the thirties, and the victors hitting the heady heights of the forties. Regulars 'Tranquil 6' trounced all-comers with a magnificent 42 points (an even split of 21 per half), thus easily winning them the £50 bar tab first prize. Their closest challengers were 'The Kinabatangans' and 'The Tabasco Fiasco', who were tied for 2nd on 37 points, with 'Massive Bereavement' and 'I Want You To Be My Friend' a point further back on 36. The...

Marnie N
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Oysters are On

It was chilly outside brains were fired up at The Bull tonight with a barful of quizzers braving the snow flurry. It was 'It’ll Be Alt-Right' who took the first half with almost a clean sweep. Newbies, 'Prairie Oysters', rose to the challenge though, beating the competition in round two to take the big £114 cash prize by three points. Well done!

Nigel B
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Big quiz energy just awesome.

Well, what a record-breaking night here at the Cutty Sark. So if your team finished with 43 points, you would be thinking that you had won the quiz. Well, not tonight Josephine. It was one of those nights when everything fell right for 'Big Quiz Energy'. Leading at half-time with 22 points they then went on to have a perfect second half and amass a total of 48 points. Just AWESOME !!!! In all my years of quizzing that is the highest total, I have witnessed. No funny stuff either. They were sat right in front...

Sarah R
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Cartoon Whippets & a big jackpot win!

'Kissing the Whippet' was triumphant at the Hare on Wednesday night, boosted by the bonus points for winning the creative round (design a cartoon strip in which your team is the hero). 'Newbies the Perth Scorchers' took the honors for second-to-bottom, & also round 2's free drink & bonus points. 'We Are Smartacus' lost second-to-bottom by a mere half a point but did take round 1's free drink & bonuses. 'Quizzy McQuizface' won themselves a stab at the jackpot - a generous £105 - and with only 2 envelopes to choose from, the odds were in...

Junior A
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

‘Back Row’ Race To The Front Leaving The Pack Way Back

High scoring ‘Back Row’ with a staggering 40pts we’re just too good for the other teams snatching first prize of a case of Mondo’s home-brewed beers (which I may add is very special). Team ‘Mick Is A B**ch’ won 4 tickets to a Foodism Beer Event in Hackney (valued at £60) on the fastest hand question. The Higher or Lower Jackpot currently stands at £69 cash plus have of whatever next weeks entry fees are. Be sure to come along next Wednesday 19:30 for a 20:00 start at this quite amazing venue Mondo Brewing Company Tap...

Nick H
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Beth get's a packet of crisps on her 18th birthday!

It's a fact, Beth's team "Beth's Birthday" duly won the opportunity to draw from the remaining Jackpot envelopes for the £150 cash prize and once Beth could be extracted from around the bar, she confidently selected envelope number 8 to be appropriately congratulated on being a winner……. of a bag of crisps - hey, that's life kiddo! As to the outcome of the quiz and the destiny of the £40 and £20 bar voucher prizes for coming first and second last, there were several teams with very good scores in the 30's but only two teams...

Richard L
Wednesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Creativity Continues.

One of the most interesting features of The Eagle Wednesday night quiz is the creativity of people who think up the team names. Last year on many occasions team names were based on current news items and this is now starting in 2019. The winning team last night was "Duke Of Edinburgh Driving School" which set the bar high but not to be outdone and although not topical, "French Triviera" and "Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer" were two names which appealed. There had to be one about the current political situation though and "If I Get...

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