Robert K
Monday Nov 19 @ 7 pm

Introducing fake Rian

Hello everyone! My name is Rob or as you can call me: fake Rian. He is unfortunately out for a few weeks so I'm filling in. Don't worry, just ask the people there I am a fine substitute. So head on down to Francesca's for trivia and 3 hour long happy hour next Monday!

David M
Sunday Nov 18 @ 8 pm

Man Bites Dog

The dog bit hard on my leg. I knew he wasn't going to let his teeth go. Harder and harder he gnashed. I had to get the answers out whatever the cost, like my life depended on it or my leg at least. 'What colour is a £50 Monopoly note?' Pandemonium breaks out, the room starts to spin. The dog reaches the bone really getting his teeth stuck in. 'It's blue, it's white, it's purple...' The voices going round in my head. Must... Carry... On... This was the scene at The Ram in Kingston tonight. And...

Marnie N
Sunday Nov 18 @ 8 pm

Close Enough

It was a chilly night in Chiswick with a nip in the air but lots of teams (and their dogs) came to play. "Absolutely Norfolk" were clearly on a date but decided to test each other’s brains too! Last week’s winners "Bitches in 12B" came to retain glory. They did great and tied for top spot with "Runstal Ramblers". Even though neither contender had a clue about the length of the Suez Canal, "The Ramblers" were closer and took the cash!

Jonathon M
Sunday Nov 18 @ 8 pm

Prizes For Everyone!

Even with a relatively small number of teams, it was still an exciting night at The Railway in Blackheath! It was a bit of a tricky quiz this week, with a couple questions stumping the entire bar (curse you, Brokeback Mountain!), but everyone got through. Our top team tonight was "The Sandgrounders" who claimed victory by just half a point! Then in an amazing mix of skill and luck, the "Barflies" came closest with the jackpot question and then drew the joker! Well done to them for another £177 cash in their pockets. Throw in a...

Daniel C
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

£250 Jackpot Next Week!

Next week we will have £250 in cash on offer as team "Beating Chastards" we’re almost double winners, they finished second to last to win a bottle of wine and also got to take part in our Play Your Cards Right Jackpot, they opted to go higher after being shown the 3 of diamonds but sadly the next card was a 2 of clubs. It was close at the top of the table but team "Quizzards Of Walmer Castle" scores 34 points to edge it by a single point and win our £50 bar tab!

Georgina E
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Marvin Gaye, John Cleese And Idris Elba Walk Into A Bar...

Another tiebreaker question had to be played this week, but this time for the first place prize of the coveted £50 bar tab! Reigning team "Josh for Squash" exercised they’re exceptional knowledge of the height of basketball players in cm’s to clinch the win yet again! Well done also to the "Pirates of Men’s Pants" who came second to last and won a bottle of wine between them!

Victoria S
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Wise Words From Winners "Quiz While You're Ahead"

A sprinkling of Star Wars, a dash of James Franco and a kilogram of mint Julep makes the Sunday night quiz at The Garden Shed. We had some puzzling cryptic bands, 50/50 face splits and badly explained film plots, but it was "Quiz While You're Ahead" that steamed to the front with a perfect first round, ultimately taking the crown, well the £50 bar tab! We had a 3 team tiebreaker for 2nd to last place, and it was the "Cowper Crusaders" who went home with the bottle of house wine! Join us next week for...

Nigel B
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

"Cutty Sarcasm" Rule Supreme.

I arrived to a very noisy pub tonight with everyone talking about just one thing. PYCR, which reached a mind blowing £510. All that talk but yet again there were no winners. The only winners tonight were the very talented "Cutty Sarcasm" who racked up a very impressive 38.5 points. The only bit of pressure came from "Three Degrees" with 32 points. Well done to "Alpha Male Jackhammer" for winning the bottle of wine for second to last place. Great night once again!

Jodyanne F
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Does Plastic Count As Marine Life?

"Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" sank into the coffee shop sofa to take the first bonus drink whilst "Legends" saw the blue of a pop princess to take the second. The anagram challenge was hotly contested with "Matt's Team" just coming in a micro second before the competition to take the bonus point. At the end of the evening it was almost too close to call with "The Fact Hunts" just nudging half a mark ahead of "Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" to take the top prize £30 bar tab. Meanwhile the very happy "Legends" snaffled the second to last place bonus house wine....

Rita S
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

"2 Burgers 1 Moose" & £50 Behind The Bar!

Exciting times were had at The Pilgrim tonight! We found out that Monopoly £50 bank note was blue and discussed three digit prime numbers. It was a night of original names: "2 Burgers 1 Moose" won the first prize; second to last went to "Deer In The Pub Lights"; and the wistfully named "I Wish This Microphone Was A Dildo" got to play for the £150 jackpot, sadly with no result. We also had "Who The F*** Is Stephen Barclay?" and "Rita's Fan Club". As the jackpot remains not won, do come next week to enjoy...

Howard S
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm


Twelve teams turned up, fifty players played and one team SMASHED IT! "Clueless" won by six points! However, that was not all, another team cleaned up all the other prizes. A bottle of wine for second to last AND they got closest to the answer to the jackpot question. Team "Bromance Twats" not only got the right to play for the jackpot, but they won it! Don't worry still got £50 for you to win next week folks!

Gerry H
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

It's Who You Know

A blast from the past tonight! Several teams from way back when decided to grace the quiz with their presence and what a joyous reunion it was. Is the moon real? Why was the Kenyan cleavage blurred out and where is the drummer from the Stereophonics buying a house? All these mysteries and many more were solved in this most memorable of quizzes.

Graham E
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

It's The Thought That Counts!

The three lovely ladies of "Still Thinking" brought three of their chums along tonight, doubling their numbers and providing the fillip needed to give them their first victory with a table-topping score of 33. Quiz regulars and previous winners, "Quizzy Teigan" were celebrating once again as they shared a delicious bottle of Beaujolais for second-to-last place. No one won Play Your Cards Right, so the cash jackpot rolls over to next week, when it should stand at more than £100!

Liam E
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Close Call + Cute Puppy

Oooo that was a close call tonight at The Rose, as the winners "Hardly Athletic" managed to win a £50 bar tab by just half a point! They beat a team with the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen but unfortunately cuteness doesn’t win you a quiz. Perhaps next week eh.

Elliot F
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

The Return Of "Bruce Quizteam"

Having been absent for a number of weeks, this week was the triumphant return of "Bruce Quizteam". With an unbelievable clean sweep of points in round one, they managed to place themselves in an unassailable position by the end of the quiz, eventually winning by a magnificent 10 point margin. Special mention to "Actress And The Bishop" who just managed to claw their way into winning the runner up bottle of wine this evening. See you next week!

Benny A
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Inches From Glory

We were back downstairs this week for The Prince Albert pub quiz, there was a lovely atmosphere and teams from all across the globe took part, all vying for the £50 bar tab awarded for first place. Maddie, from the "Victor Bravos" came painfully close to securing the jackpot, with 6 out of 7 cards correctly called during Play Your Cards Right. It rolls over, same deal next week, see you there!

Alex D
Sunday Nov 18 @ 7 pm

Mulled whiners spice it up

The quiz happened. We found out that Handsome Ben is single. "The Mulled Whiners" won. I turned 49 on Friday and I have been given 50 challenges to do before I turn 50. Follow me on insta @alex50challenges. Did my first today. Cooked Schweinebraten. Recipe is here: 1 Combine salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and caraway seed in a small bowl. Rub mustard over all surfaces of pork and then spread the seasonings evenly over the outside. 2 Add vegetable oil to a Dutch oven and heat to medium high heat. Once hot, place the...

Jonathon M
Thursday Nov 15 @ 8 pm

Big Wins For "Barflies" And "Beauties"!

It was a big night for two of our veteran teams at The Station Hotel tonight. First came an astoundingly close quiz, thanks to many clever quizzers. The first prize went to "Beauties & The Geeks" but they had many teams breathing down their necks, with only one or one half point separating them! The big story came at the end, when Ian from another veteran team "The Barflies" correctly went higher or lower through his cards, winning him the cash jackpot of £321! Come back next Thursday for more quiz craziness!

Callan D
Thursday Nov 15 @ 8 pm

A 3 Way Tiebreaker!!

It doesn’t get much closer or more tense at The Plough than a 3 Way tiebreaker for second place. In the end, "Trains To Brazil" won out and took home the legendary, coveted and yummy pack of jammy dodgers. "The Gits" settled for the bottle of house wine in 2nd to last but "Not Ready Already" stormed to victory to bring home £54. If there’s more that play, there really is more to play for, especially with an ever increasing Jackpot. See you next Thursday at the only quiz you want to go to in Dulwich.

Charlie T
Thursday Nov 15 @ 8 pm

Newbies Claim The Title!

A quiet one tonight - just two teams plucked up the courage to take on this week's quiz onslaught at The Italian Job. It was a tough one - touch-and-go whether everyone would stick it out but the teams were steadfast until suet. "No Name" took the title-spot with 15, "Borsch" went down with a fighting 7. We hope you can make it next time - set to be a corker!

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