Rian H
Monday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Francesca's S02E16 - My Captive Actor Friend And I Both Contracted Legionnaire's Disease From Living In The Water Tower

This week at Francesca's saw some new faces enter the competition, and what a competition it was! The teams were close all the way through, with a last-round push by "Ryan Air" coming through for the victory in the end, securing the Leather Throne for another consecutive week. Tonight we learned that Rian is a total fool and the subject of easy ridicule, that eel is off-putting to look at but great to eat, and that when it comes to Uno, nobody can agree on the rules, even when they're printed out in front of them....

Nigel B
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Pirates steer to victory.

HAPPY Easter folks. Another fine sunny day brought out a host of brains to fight it out tonight, and we were treated to a battle royal with three teams going at it till the death. It had to be decided with a tiebreaker and heartache for Broadmoor bound. It was pirates of the ship who came out victorious. PHEW! PYCR produced no winner so we roll over to next week. Great night chaps.

Daniel H
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Cavemen aren't Primitive

A quiet Easter Sunday at the Kings Arms in Waterloo tonight but even on a quiet night we still had 6 teams. A very close one tonight with half a point in it between first and second and another half between second and third. With it being easter, the pub benevolently included easter eggs with the prizes,the chocolate orange one won as first prize with the bar tab by grown up boy band The Cavemen. The wine, which was the only prize that didn't include an Easter egg was taken by second to last Lizzie Clems....

George S
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Easter Funday

A relatively quiet Easter Sunday saw a quiz of two halves this evening. A fiercely competitive first half of the quiz produced a gap of only 1 point between the three teams at the halfway stage, leaving the prize truly up for grabs. The second half of the quiz saw a completely different set of affairs however, as 'F*ck Georgina' took full control to see off the other competitors. The Easter spirit was flowing freely and the winning team decided to share the spoils with the bottom placed team by offering an olive branch through a...

Victoria S
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

The Easter 'Bunny Boilers' Are Eggcel!

Happy Easter all round at The Garden Shed! We had movies coming out of our bunny ears tonight, with some questions for those with a sweet tooth too! Ultimately it was The Bunny Boilers who were triumphant, with a hopping 38.5 points, winning that £50 bar tab! Latecomers 'Sniffles and Co' cheekily won the bottle of red for coming 2nd to last, and were mighty pleased with themselves. Join us next week for more laughs and antics, and a chance of winning the top prize!

Debbie B
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Easter Treasures win at the Pilot

Fr E Sh A Voca Do ruled the night with 2 smashing wins of 1st prize and the jackpot! Migs and Eric shared their wine prize with the Agatha Quizztie team. An amazingly fun night with strong opinions on Harry Potter. Hope you join us again next week! Happy Easter!

Marnie N
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Easter Bunnies

It was Easter Sunday and the sun was shining but still a barful of shiny bunnies came to test their brains. Bert and Indie Show came to quiz for the crown they won last Easter Sunday. They were no match for Six to Samba and Ammonia Scented who ties for the top spot in Round One. However, the fumes mist have spurred on Ammonia Scented as they smashed the second half and took the pot with 3 points clear! Happy Holidays!

Daniel C
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

They do it again

Last weeks winners defended their title by scoring 39 points to top the pile and walk away with our £50 bar tab while team Help I'm stuck in the bathroom scored 26 to finish second to last and win themselves a bottle of wine. First time players bread rises took part for the first time and after not 1 but 2 closest too questions got to enter our play your cards right bonus round for a chance to win tonights £250 jackpot. They stormed through tonights cards to win it in style- but dont worry folks,...

Rita S
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Joey From Friends Liked Sandwiches. Happy With 4th Triumph!

What a night! Nine teams got to play for £50 behind the bar, bottle of wine AND a £200 jackpot - and Fortune has smiled particularly at team Happy With 4th! Not only did they dominate the scores with staggering 39 points (when the next two teams, Getting Nailed and The Queen's Corgis, scored 35), but also they won £200 in cash in the jackpot! Well done: I expect you to spend the rest of the Bank Holiday spending the fruits of your labour.... :-) . As for the other end of scoring, team Elite Engineers...

Elliot F
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Easter Fiesta

On the day that Christ rolled away the stone we put away our phones (and quizzed). A sensational score of 47 was enough to see the Quizlamic Pundamentalists over the line this week however as they swept to glory, taking home the grand prize. Unbelievably, yet again our jackpot round was scuppered by a pesky 2 of Clubs meaning that the bonus cash will roll over for another week!

Gerry H
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Easter and Better

East is East but what is Easter? A magical man comes back from the dead much to the surprise and delight of his friends and family and/or A giant invisible Bunny lays Countless Eggs Made of Chocolate hidden all over the place for children to find and gorge themselves on. What is the more likely scenario? What's also hard to believe is how well this week's winners did- 47 points? An Easter Miracle for sure....

Liam E
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Two elite teams

There were two teams tonight at The Rose who were miles ahead of the competition. There was only half a point between them at half time and it stayed pretty close as our winners only won by a point and a half. So well done to quizzly Bears this evening who had a total of 37.5 points! I wonder if next week will bring such high scores again....

Alex D
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

Show me your squiggle wriggles to the top

The quiz happened. Show me your squiggle won quite convincingly. It was a quiet quiz because it is Easter Sunday. Wikipedia defines Easter as: Easter,[nb 1] also called Pascha (Greek, Latin)[nb 2] or Resurrection Sunday,[4][5] is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD.[6][7] It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a 40-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. So let's eat chocolate.

Matt J
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

P & P's have all the A's to the Q's

An international feel the event as the P & P's joined the quiz, consisting of a Spaniard and a Chilean, over here on business (the lovely weather being a nice by-product) they took part in the quiz and showed a great all round knowledge, winning themselves a bottle of wine. They did struggle with some of the English phrases 'what is a bunch of 5's', which I showed without hopefully being too aggressive! Sunday nights at 7pm are quiz nights at the Duchess Belle, do join us we have great fun.

Joseph T
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

The Sun Shines on Our Questions

Our first night playing at the slightly later 7pm meant you got to thoroughly enjoy the sunshine AND enjoy my quiz! And what a quiz it was, just one point between 1st and 2nd place but in the end Quizzie McGuire walked away with £50 bar tab. Their closest competition were the ones who got to give the jackpot a go! No luck this week. See you all next week for another try.

Rhys G
Sunday Apr 21 @ 7 pm

A beautiful Easter's Sunday

What a beautiful Easter Sunday it was and we finished it off at the Crown tavern with some avid quizzers who would rather test their brain power than catch those rays! To say both team's only had 2 players a remarkable score of 30 was achieved by the winners with their unique team name of.....'Team name'. Congratulations to you!

Jon M
Sunday Apr 21 @ 6 pm

Pipped again

Very quiet night at The Dim T Chinese Restaurant. The team ‘Not So Dim T’ were hoping to win as all recent competition were unable to attend, unfortunately for them a team of ‘tired gardeners’ appeared at the last minute and took the first prize. Oh well, better luck next week.

Matt J
Thursday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

'Hold me closer tiny answer', hold on to first place

A fairly full evening at the Manor saw teams really get into the swing of things. Silly Point just ahead at the interval and managed to bag themselves a free drink for being first with the anagram. However the chasing pack would not be denied. Hold me closer tiny answer holding of Wild Guesses and Shove Something Down by a single point to pick up the £50 bar tab. The latecomers turned into the early leavers and left before they picked up their bottle of wine! So it was left to beyond the Vale to play...

Jonathon M
Thursday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Quiztastic Start to a Long Weekend!

A fantastic evening to finish off the short week, tonight's Thursday night pub quiz sure felt like a Friday! We had our best night so far this year in terms of numbers, with no fewer than 16 teams gathering at the Station Hotel, and we all had a fab time. Our first half was a breeze, with three teams tying for first place: "The Knowledgeers", "The Knightingales", and "Three Johns". But in a particularly tricky second half, it was Team "Boogaloo" who crept up behind and took the crown thanks to some expert cryptic deduction and...

Jessica S
Thursday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Not Ready Already do it again!

We had 12 teams at the Plough tonight, ready to battle it out! It looked like it could be a very tight battle between Pixie Slaughter and Not Ready Already when they both finished the first half on 19 points. There were loads of multiple points in the second half, threatening to upset these two teams leads but no one could beat them! Not Ready Already won the chance to play for the jackpot but were beaten by a 3 Diamonds. So it will roll over to next week! Not Ready Already won the cash in...

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