Will F
Tuesday Jun 18 @ 7 pm

I'll Bam Bam Your Pebbles finishes over everyone!

In a disturbing turn of events, the team that chose the name "I'll Bam Bam Your Pebbles" on purpose emerged victorious from an initial tie with team "Sweden Will Lose On Thursday!" We learned that nothing beats scissors in our rock-paper-scissors tournament, but even so, scissors is not always the correct answer. Hope to see everyone back next week!

Will F
Tuesday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Team 'Kahwi Didn't Toronto win?' Wins The Day

"Kahwi Didn't Toronto Win" balanced things out with a win of their own, with "the Good HALF" coming in a close second place with only half their usual team. Special shout-out to Best Team Name "Low Expectations" for exceeding their own expectations and landing solidly in the middle of the pack. So play trivia! You might just surprise yourself with how friggin' smart you are!

Katy S
Tuesday Jun 4 @ 7 pm

The Rain Couldn’t Stop Us!

Despite a quiet night (thanks to the lovely weather) we still managed to have a great time with some regulars and even a new team, Raggedy Ann! The quiz was a pretty rough one for everyone but nevertheless everyone persisted and we had some great laughs. Team Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain consistently held first place all the way to the end with Team Invisible Team Name close behind! It was an exciting victory and a great break from the gloomy rainy day.

Will F
Tuesday May 28 @ 7 pm

'Chopped Liver & Gravy' Clean Up

It was close one this night, "Chopped Liver & Gravy" ended the first round in second place to "All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!" with a difference of one point. But by the end of the night, CL&G had pulled ahead to first place with 32 points to All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!'s 30. Best team name went to the team with a tenuous grasp on Latin grammar, "Carpe Diem Scrotus (Seize the day by the balls)," but they had to split snacks with the other team in snack position, "A Crap of Crocs." All...

Will F
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

My Husband's On Grinder Grinds Out The Win

"My Husband's On Grinder" formed a mega-team with ten people and managed to snap victory from the jaws of also victory even with the point penalty. What a joy to see so many friends all joining together to compete, drawing fun and laughter from one another. It really makes me feel less pressure to entertain since they entertain each other so dang much. Kidding. But fun and laughs were had by all, I can't wait to continue this awesome trivia journey next week.

Will F
Tuesday May 14 @ 7 pm

The A Team Reigns Supreme

The A Team looked like just a normal family, but it soon became clear that this wasn't their first rodeo, and they had definitely done this before. At the end of the first round, 'The A Team' had a one-point lead over the two teams tied for second, but by the end of the night, they brought it home with a whopping 5-point lead over 'Acolytes Of...One Of Those Terrorist Religions' with 31 points. Congrats all around to some brainy brainiacs, and I can't wait to see some more fierce competition next week!

Will F
Tuesday May 7 @ 7 pm

Rock, Paper, Scissors, ZEUS!

A hush descended over the crowd. Round 1 of the quiz had ended and the two champions of the ensuing Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament were about to face off in a Best-of-Three. For glory; for honor; for a free alcoholic beverage. Sweating profusely, in awe of their superior intellect and their perfect prediction of my moves, I asked for their names. "Yo Daddy" the first replied. I turned towards the second player. "Brian" he said with quiet intensity as yet unseen in a tournament of this nature. And they were off! "Rock! Paper! Scissors! SHOOT!" I opened my...

Stacy N
Tuesday Apr 23 @ 7 pm

Record Breaking!

A record-breaking night at the Bull and Bear Tavern with 10 teams and 74 players! Team How Do You Increase the IQ of Two Countries at Once? Send Stacy to Poland eeks out a victory by two points over Now He’s Poland’s Problem, who won the 2nd place tiebreaker over Shimmy til the break of dawn! There was also a tie for snack position with Dave’s Not Here winning the tiebreaker and some delicious snacks. Sucking up to the Quiz Host worked out for Val Kilmer’s Pets as they won best team name and the snacks...

Stacy N
Tuesday Apr 16 @ 7 pm

Old vs. New!

A great mix of newcomers and old-timers tonight at the Bull and Bear! Team Awesome laid waste to the competition in the second half despite a neck-and-neck first half. African geography and South American flags stumped the crowd this evening as everyone seemed to be dialed in on the pop-culture questions. Rock Paper Scissors was particularly lively as well. 3 players simply refused to lose, or were all reading my mind. Another fantastic event in the books!

Stacy N
Tuesday Apr 9 @ 7 pm

The Dream!

Seven players on one team and a question about the former spelling of Hakeem Olajuwon created a tie for first place with I Am Moving To Poland To Double The Countries IQ edging Team in the tiebreaker for the sweet victory. Free drinks were flowing into the open maws of members of Vegetarian Hot Lunch and Beer-thirty. The shirts of Team were covered in crumbs after winning best team name and some delicious snacks. Solo Bro was fantastic for a one-player team, and it was his first time out to boot!

Stacy N
Tuesday Apr 2 @ 7 pm

Faces Destrooooooyed

Awesome turnout tonight at the Bull and Bear! There was a metric ton of drama as we had a three-way tie for 1st place. Team The Product of Incest and Moonshine answered closest to the actual height of Seattle’s Space Needle so they ultimately won! Team was next closest and therefore won 2nd prize. Trump’s Lady Lumps missed out on the gift cards but still managed to win snacks with the best team name. Some of the members of Destroooooy Faces had a friendly smack-talk battle with Always wear a Jimmy. They had the last laugh...

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