Ellie W
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm


£250 jackpot was up for grabs this evening, does that sound good to you?! It sure does to me! Come on down next Sunday at 8 for your chance to nab this OR a £50 winning bar tab woohoo. Well done to this week’s winning team "Jamie’s Fan Club" - See y’all next week!

Marnie N
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

The Brain Power Of Sunday Pudding.

What a night at The Duke. The bar was packed and lots of new teams came to enjoy the teasing of brains and fine fayre. "Powered By Custard" stayed on after a delicious roast and warm stodgy pud that rather than dampening their grey cells fired them into action. They took a healthy pot of cash with points to spare. Everyone had a great time even "Al’s Pals" who didn’t know how to play Rock Paper Scissors but you’re never too old to learn!

Jonathon M
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Birthday Proves Lucky For Local Dad!

It was a busy and rambunctious evening at The Railway in Blackheath, as a record-breaking number of teams came out to partake in the weekly quiz! It was evident that many teams were new, or hadn't been here in a while, because much of the time was spent deciphering exactly where the quiz-master hailed from! (I'm from America, I promise!) A special mention goes to our second-to-last place team, "The Catalans" (+1), who did admirably well and won the bag of sweets despite being worried about too many English questions! The evening belonged mostly to the...

David M
Sunday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

History In The Making

It was a historic night at The Ram in Kingston tonight. Historic in the sense that it was in the past. But what was very much in the present was the present that the winning team "Birthday Bonanza" received for coming first. There were a few tears, mostly mine when Paul came up to play, Play Your Cards Right. Everyone sang happy birthday. He didn't win but he couldn't care less about that. As he said to me, in my mind, it's all about the taking part. "John and Tonic" right up there tonight but not...

Ben L
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Clueless Defy The Odds!

Well done to the duo "Clueless" who were the winners tonight, narrowly pipping "You’re a Quizzard Harry" to the post. Special praise for tonight's last minute quizzers "Double Trouble" who walked away with penultimate place and a bottle of wine! It would be remiss of me not to mention our jackpot winners "Three’s a Crowd" who after several previous attempts at play your cards right finally won! Congratulations guys you deserve it, hope to see you all at The Pilot again soon! Every Sunday from 7:30pm!

Rita S
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Mirage Is Also Heat Haze!!

What an interesting quiz tonight! We've had a good evening: there was a new cryptic with US states and some very tricky film questions. "Depeche Maude" won again (pictured with the team mascot, Badger), and our regulars, "Ciderphobia", got a bottle of wine. We also had a team of visitors from Dublin, "Beyoncé Know Alls", and "Gurls", who were participating in their very first pub quiz! Team "Lady Teddy" won the right to play for the jackpot, but sadly were not successful. Well done everyone, see you next week!!

Georgina E
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Jennifer Aniston, Bruno Mars And Meghan Markle Walk Into A Bar...

Cosy night in Clapham tonight with 4 teams playing for the bar tab and bottle of wine. Despite having to be coerced into playing, the team with no name won something! Enjoy your white wine! Congratulations to team "MB and the LGs" on their win, way ahead of the rest of the pack! Looking forward to seeing you all back next week!

Tyrone A
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

"Super Army Soldiers" Storm The Kings Arms For Victory!

A new team waltzed into Waterloo tonight and did just enough to steal victory and the £30 first prize, thwarting regular squad "Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" from scoring a hatrick of wins in the process. Can you do better? You can? Then come on down to The Kings Head - The finest quiz in South London!! (on a Sunday!!)

Daniel C
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

£300 Still Needs To Be Won! 💷

"Team Canada Gonna Give It To Ya" were close to being double winners tonight, they got to enter our play your cards right round for £300 and we’re just 2 cards shy of getting the money, but we’re stopped by the king of hearts. They were also tied for top spot so we needed a closest to tie breaker! However, our Canadian friends were just beaten by rival team "The Toulouse Sausages" who took home the £50 bar tab. Team "Come On Bear Tread Carefully" bagged 30 points to win themselves a bottle of wine. We’re...

Liam E
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm


Is there anything worse at a quiz than when someone stands up and says your answer is wrong quiz master! (I mean probably) but... it did happen to me this evening and thank goodness it did because the amendment to the question in question meant that "Fulhamsters" gained an extra point which pushed them into the lead and eventually lead to them winning a £50 bar tab, so please don’t worry about questioning us quiz masters, as long as you are polite we don’t bite!

Alex D
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Wise Toms Crash Back!

Yawn. "The Three Wise Toms" won again. By one point. Because they sang Manic Monday. Yawn. They win a lot. On another note, here is a great recipe for cabbage: Fry onion in butter for 2 mins, then add bacon and cook for a few mins more until golden. Stir in the cabbage and boiling water. Cook for 2 mins over a medium heat until wilted, then cover, turn the heat to low and cook for another 5 mins. Uncover and stir well; the cabbage should have a little colour. If not, increase the heat and...

Celia L
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

Lucky Sunday!!

Well Lady Luck was on everyone’s side tonight, with all the prizes being scooped up! First place to "Herman’s Germans", a bottle of wine to "Chavril Lavigne" and the jackpot of a whopping £324 to the "Polar Bears"!!! Terribly exciting indeed for them, but I also found it quite enjoyable seeing that jackpot rising week by week! Let’s see if we can get it to £400 next time!!

Elliot F
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

"You're A Quizzard Harry" For The Win!

Scraping a win by just one point this week over "The Saudi Princes" was "You're A Quizzard Harry"! We had ten teams battling it out for the top spot this week, this was a hotly contested quiz. Special props to the "One Man Army" (which is exactly as it sounds) as well as "Pints Pints Pints" for scooping the booby prize of a bottle of wine. Jackpot next week will be over £120 so drop in and it could be yours!

Gerry H
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

From Gooseberry To Loser-berry!

It's never been done before! Unheard of and unprecedented! In the history of quizzing no team has won one week and then come back a week later to enjoy their victory spoils (Yorkshire pudding, Sunday roast and copious amounts of wine and beer) and defend their title.. Only to then lose!! As in come last! From hero to zero in one fell swoop! A special mention to "Barons Banger's", who were concerned about me riding home on my bike, I made it home and I will see you next week!!

Graham E
Sunday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

The Family Ness Return To Victory!

Our busiest quiz yet at The Phoenix saw brainy bunch "The Family Ness" come back to carry on where they left off - Topping the table and collecting a £50 bar tab! At the fun end of things, a tie for eighth place resulted in an exciting play-off for the wine between "PCTB" and "Band Camp" with the campers coming out on top - Remarkably guessing the exact number of Uranus's moons as it coincidentally matched the age of one of their team members!!

Joseph T
Sunday Oct 21 @ 6 pm

The Jam Tree Blossomed Late Today

It was a cosy evening at The Jam Tree tonight. Just 4 teams but they gave it their absolute all! "Quizzly Bears" were the runaway winners with 41 points. But 4th place, "FC Turnip" grew late, with only 12 points in the main event they still worked their way into the Jackpot envelope challenge, nonetheless! The luck, however, wasn't in their favour and so they walked away with nought but a free drink :(

William M
Thursday Oct 18 @ 8 pm

Paint Or Point, The Silly’s Have Success!

Five fantastic pairs battled it out at The Manor Arms tonight, competing for some fantastic prizes and the opportunity to win the jackpot of .... Twelve whole pounds! "Hold Me Closer, Tiny Answer" won the bottle of wine and a free drink question but "Silly Point" robbed them of the hat trick and then topped that off with the overall win. "The Italian idioms" got the chance to play for the jackpot but the cards were against them so that rolls over to next week, see you then!!

Jessica S
Thursday Oct 18 @ 8 pm

"Quizteama Aguilera" Back On Top!

Tonight’s quiz was a well attended affair, with 11 teams competing for a cash prize of £78 for 1st place! "Quizteama Aguilera" came 1st in the point scores with 39, but due to having 7 players had to lose a point to come into a tiebreaker with "We Need Money For Scratchcards". It was a close call, but they were clearly destined to win as they got the tiebreaker bang on! Congratulations guys! Our bottle of wine went to "Expecting to Win", although as these lovely ladies are all expecting it’ll be a few weeks before...

Charlie T
Thursday Oct 18 @ 8 pm

"2 Dad's And The Kids" Take It!

"2 Dad's And The Kids", featuring birthday boy Callum got the £50 bar tab tonight with a solid score of 34. "WWCA" took silver with a heavy 31. "Kwiz Kidz" got the half-pints with 30. Nice vibe in the room and good fun was shared, great to be back at The Italian Job. The jackpot is still climbing, up to a good £48 for next week. Come for your chance to win it. Good times here ahead!

Jonathon M
Thursday Oct 18 @ 8 pm

Unicorn Horns Contain All the Right Answers

It was a pretty solid night at The Station Hotel in Hither Green as we quizzed to our hearts' content this evening. We remembered a lot (How many friends did Winnie the Pooh have??) and learned a lot (Mushrooms aren't plants!) but the team with the best answers - and luckiest guesses - was "Wowen's Wast Wuiz", with a commendable score of 40. It may be his "Wast Wuiz" but we hope that his unicorn horns bring him back to visit one day. Our bottle of wine for second-to-last went to "The G Word", a couple...

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