Andrew B
Thursday Jan 16 @ 8 pm

Playtime at Paddy's

There's a little bar in Park Slope, just off 5th Avenue Where every Thursday they do trivia, fun for me and you! This week we had 5 teams attend, battling for the win We also had a bulldog in, sniffing at my shin. At halftime it was very tight, with everyone on form But the music round proved tough for some, and this is the norm. In the end we had two teams who were both on a score of 30 The same damn team won again.. the rest of us were dirty

Andrew B
Wednesday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Cookin With Gas!

Pig Beach on Union Street is where we like to meet, And every Wednesday from 7pm happy quizzers take their seat. A $50 voucher is waiting for the winner, And of course don't forget to eat your brisket dinner. This week was a fun affair with people from all around, And they all enjoyed themselves until the final sound. Well done to the winners, a team formed from around the globe Next week will be busy! It's going to explode!!!!! See you then x

Will F
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 7 pm

I love it when a quiz comes together!

Congratulations to "The A Team" for their first place win with 30 points! And well played to team "I'm Not Crying, You're Crying" for second place with 28 points. We learned that the lyrics to Walk This Way sound like a word blender when spoken, there is another word for swallowing and it's somehow worse than the word "swallowing," and I found my new least favorite anagram of all time, HAREM YEAST. Which, while bad enough on its own, happens to solve to Theresa May. That's like the opposite of a happy accident. I love it...

Bec F
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 8 pm

Embracing your inner granny with Bingo

Fun new venue for QuestionOne in Brooklyn! I didn't gain weight over the holiday season - I got bingo wings! We'll be doing $2 tacos while you play bingo! It's more than just numbers, we also have music rounds - and really fun giveaways! Hope to see you in weeks to come!

Andrew B
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 8 pm

Art for Arts Sake!

We have a new regular team who it looks like were brought together through their common love for the tattoo. They certainly make for a colourful display as they take centre stage for trivia at the Rookery. Their bubbly personalities certainly help too! It was a fun night in Bushwick as six teams battled it out for the coveted $50 voucher. The Comeback Kids finally came back, we were missing our usual group of Poms from Wandsworth and the our new vocal friend was back in full swing at the bar! Full steam ahead for a...

Andrew B
Sunday Jan 12 @ 8 pm

Wall to Wall Trivia!

Our busiest night yet down at Franklin820! As the Packers booked their place in next week's huge game against the Niners, we PACKED the place out with keen quizzers of all shapes and sizes. And what a night it was! All ending in a tie breaker for first place. It's getting busier at our little bar with a big heart and bookings will be essential before long! Well done to everyone who came and saw but didn't conquer, love you all!

Andrew B
Wednesday Jan 8 @ 7 pm

Brisket is Served!

A big fun night to get 2020 kick started at Pig Beach this week. Lot's of new faces were in, and plenty of old as well, plus we had a tense tie-breaker for second place! The brisket was sizzling and brain cells were cooking as questions were thrown around and digested the Pig Beach way! It was a one pig race for first as 'Something Wacky' led the way from start to finish but the battle for second was as intense as the aroma of a pork rib! Well done to Trivia Newton John who guessed...

Will F
Tuesday Jan 7 @ 7 pm

New Year, Same Love For The (Trivia) Game

A big fat congratulations and a Happy New Year to the first trivia winners of the year, team "New Year, Same Shitty Team Name" who clinched it with 32 points. Close behind in second place was team "Show Chickens" with 31 points. It was great to see some new faces in with familiar ones, so hopefully that becomes a trend (even if liking John Mayer won't). We learned that it actually is possible for me to pronounce the name of a foreign city without butchering it, and I learned that it's a little scary to say...

Andrew B
Tuesday Jan 7 @ 8 pm

Dark and Stormy

With the lights down low six teams braved NYC's winter and headed on in to the 'The Rookery of brain pain' and fight it out for the coveted $50 voucher. Regulars 'Lindsay Lohan... blah blah' made it the threepeat and dominated all night. Can they be beaten!? That's three from three, that's 100%, that's like, wow! We're back next week for more fun and games so come on down and see what all the fuss is about!

Andrew B
Sunday Jan 5 @ 8 pm

Sunday Funday I Hate Monday

Franklin820 was heaving with awesomeness last night as all our top teams were in to fight it out for the forty two bucks! The unstoppable Rufus One were... stopped, and stopped hard as a new team of Kings came in and stole the show. We had some cool late comers who were into cricket, a couple of awesome jokes from the host and the usual rumblings from Gerard. It's gonna be a big year at Franklin820... I can feel it. Get on board!

Andrew B
Sunday Dec 29 @ 8 pm

A New Team to Beat!

The Rufus One have really come of age. Some smart recruiting and not going out for a huge night on Saturday has made them a force to be reckoned with. It was a great festive night at Franklin820 with lots of new faces and nice buzz in the air. It's the strange time of year when no one actually knows what day it is... but they somehow knew the answers to a raft of tricky questions. We are there non-stop every Sunday over the holiday season, so get your butts on down and see what all...

Andrew B
Sunday Dec 22 @ 8 pm

They've Done It!

It's great to see a regular team who are so close each week finally take home the grand prize, and what a way to do it! With scores level at halftime two old sparring partners from way back were head to head. The audio round was a different kettle of fish this week and in the end that's what did it for them. A great time seemed to be had by all and the halftime impromptu origami was a real winner, subject 'Hanukkah'. and we had more menorahs than you can shake a stick at! See...

Andrew B
Wednesday Dec 18 @ 7 pm

Pig Beach Blizzard!

The last event of the year at Pig Beach was a fun filled blast that featured snow storms and paper planes of all forms! We started off with a healthy nine teams but three dropped out because they were just lame, or had something better to do, or were just really lame. It was an entertaining evening and the winners were damn happy to receive the $50 just in time for Christmas. "There you go mumma, happy Christmas, it's a Brisket sandwich!" All the best for the holiday season and we'll be seeing you in 2020!...

Will F
Tuesday Dec 17 @ 7 pm

Winner of boat-naming contest wins trivia night

Our first place winner of this week's trivia was team "Boaty Mc Boattrivia" with 29 points, and close behind in second was team "HBD Jim the Turtle" with 28 points. We learned the smallest bone in the human body is in the ear and not in my pants as previously assumed, mnemonics are not everyone's strong suit, and no one gives a shit about Glee anymore. Look forward to more trivia madness with the new year, 7:30pm @ The Bull And Bear Tavern!

Andrew B
Tuesday Dec 17 @ 8 pm

Sayonara 2019!

Well that was the year that was, 2019; 7 trivia events, lots of laughs, winners and grinners and plenty of losers and bruisers. Thanks for all your support this year and we look forward to a bigger and better 2020... goodness me... that number sounds daunting. I remember when the year 2000 came around and who would have thought we'd all still be alive to see this one! Wooow... hang on, there's still two weeks to go, so don't count your chicken just yet. There's an impeachment happening, wars breaking out everywhere and it's also quite...

Andrew B
Sunday Dec 15 @ 8 pm

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Forgive the title of this blog but someone smashed a full bottle of red wine across the floor this week and I tell ya, it was bloody messy! A fun and full night this week at Franklin820. There's some regular teams getting in on the action and of course we always love it when Donna brings her loud voice along! Clear winners this week were 'It's Called Fashion, Switty' and after a tense tie breaker for second place 'Gerardy for the Party' missed out on the podium for the first time in a long time. They...

Andrew B
Wednesday Dec 11 @ 7 pm

Etsy Besty Spider!

Gotta love it when you turn up to host trivia trivia and it's almost a full house! I thought it was down to my silky quiz hosting skills but as it turns out Amazon's rival Etsy were having their Christmas party, thankfully they were all keen participants. They took up the centre of the hall and were a helluva loud bunch, surrounding them were our regular hobos from the neighbourhood. It was a close run thing all evening with new team Trivia Newton John impressing! The trio at the bar 'Tres Commas', who regularly disappoint, were...

Will F
Tuesday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

First place towers over the rest

Team Fawlty Towers dominated trivia night, winning with 28 points, while in second Team "Tripple P - Purple Pussy Princess" had 18 points. We learned it's pretty hard to say the lyrics to Gold Digger out loud without singing them, it pays to know a thing or two about construction at trivia night, and we are good at naming weird houses. Join us next week for more trivia shenanigans with Will, your host and author of this blurb. See you there!

Andrew B
Tuesday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Poms Away!

We had an unusually large amount of English in at the Rookery last night. Was it because Craig David was playing nearby and they were somehow drawn to the musical genius that he is? Had they all travelled from Blighty to get a glimpse of their hometown hero? Who knows!? Anyway, a fun night it was as five teams battled it out for the coveted $50 voucher down at the Rookery. The regulars were in and so were lots of non regulars. Why don't you all become regulars!!!? See you next time xx

Andrew B
Sunday Dec 8 @ 8 pm

Halftime Erotica

Thomas Kapusta is an enigma and a riddle, all wrapped up in a puzzle... His presence strikes fear into other trivia teams as he enters the venue and this week his whereabouts were unknown. His team shrugged their shoulders as questions were asked about his potential attendance. This lulls you into a false sense of security "this week we have a chance!" I heard muttered throughout the arena. Then the door swings open and in he swans... takes his seat at the bar and captains his team to a commanding win against some fine opposition. Was...

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