The Bull and Bear Tue, May 28 2019 19:30

'Chopped Liver & Gravy' Clean Up

Will F

It was close one this night, "Chopped Liver & Gravy" ended the first round in second place to "All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!" with a difference of one point. But by the end of the night, CL&G had pulled ahead to first place with 32 points to All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!'s 30. Best team name went to the team with a tenuous grasp on Latin grammar, "Carpe Diem Scrotus (Seize the day by the balls)," but they had to split snacks with the other team in snack position, "A Crap of Crocs." All in all, a successful night of trivia made possible by my wonderful players, my searing wit, and my unreasonably high opinion of myself.

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Chopped Liver & Gravy
All of mine are too dirrrty!
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A Crap of Crocs
Carpe Diem Scrotus (Seize the day by the balls)
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