The Bull and Bear Tue, Jun 25 2019 19:30

Turns out, Michael Jackson jokes are still in!

Will F

Congratulations to team "'Michael I thought you said we were going to the NETHERlands' MJ: Hee hee!" for coming out one point ahead of "StarSailers like Astroglide" to seize victory from the jaws of defeat. Tonight we learned that the only state to start with a P is not Palifornia, and that a young Harrison Ford looks an awful lot like Mitt Romney. We laughed, we cried (not really), we drank, we quizzed. And it was the bomb-diggity.

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Michael I thought you said we were going to the NETHERlands" MJ: Hee hee!
Starsailors Like Astroglide
Bad "Ass"ets
Anyone want a free trip to the Dominican Republic?
Before I read this next team name, I want all of you to know that I
Porg Pot Pie
I'm only as wet inside as it is outside
We "Will" get snacks today