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Since launching in 2003, Question One has been a market leader in pub quizzes, corporate entertainment and fundraising hosting thousands of quizzes, trivia nights and special events across the world in pubs, restaurants, schools and offices.

Despite the challenges of Covid, we are pleased to announce that our popular classic quiz format is returning to many venues. You can find the latest venues by

We're also able to bring the experience of your favourite pub quiz or trivia event to the comfort of your home, school or office. We hope it brings a little extra joy to your day!

Question One has developed a unique online experience for capturing the atmosphere and excitement of the traditional pub quiz through our Virtual Quizzing experience. First, we connect you via video conferencing (Zoom, Meet, Hangouts etc.), you download our easy to use, licensed mobile application, enter the PIN number provided by your host and we’re off and quizzing! You will enjoy all the quiz host banter, picture, video and audio questions while competing and meeting other participants while submitting your answers up-against the clock!

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Question One offers private quizzes for team building, family, friends and schools and fundraisers and you can also join us online for our public events including our free Happy Hour quizzes, ticketed themed quizzes and more by following the country links below!

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Question One was founded in 2003, and from our first pub quiz at the Harwood Arms in Fulham, our Quiz Hosts have hosted weekly quizzes at over 200 venues all over the UK, Australia, Poland and the USA! With the Coronavirus crisis seeing the closure of most venues, we have pivoted to providing online, virtual quizzes in a variety of formats including our free ‘Happy Hour’ quizzes and ticketed themed quizzes in the traditional 40 question format over two halves. Our live and virtual quizzes offer a unique blend of current affairs, general knowledge and picture puzzles with a lot more excitement thrown in. We specialise in weekly and one-off quiz nights at bars and restaurants, corporate functions, fundraisers and parties. Our Quiz Hosts are professionally trained and chosen specifically for their ability to entertain all types of crowds. Every year, we write more than 3,000 questions and host over 7,500 quizzes to more than 250,000 players! Click here to book a quiz with us!

We are currently limited to providing online virtual quizzes for companies and teams, with pub quiz services slowly restartign in Australia where venues are now open. PLease get in touch with us if you wish to know how we can work together! 

Our virtual, online quizzes combines all the features you love from our pub quizzes (excluding tinfoil sculpting) utilising video conferencing and our licensed mobile application for answering questions. Speed and accuracy are the name of the game so to win you need to be quick as well as correct!

We have two formats available to you:

– Happy Hour Virtual Pub Quiz consisting of 30 questions, lasting 1 hour 
– Traditional Virtual Pub Quiz consisting of 45-50 Questions lasting 90 minutes. 
Of course, we can tailor the length and format with you if you have your own ideas so please let us know, and we’ll incorporate what we can.

Remote teams are now cooperating in digital spaces across cities, states and continents and we have bridged the gap for teambuilding with our online quiz for teambuilding at your comapny with two great products we’ve developed in recent months.

We’ve planned for the future with a five point safety plan to ensure the safety of hosts, customers and staff at your venue. Contact us at to discuss this and other initiatives we have to bring back trivia bigger and better than before! 

To be considered for hosting roles please submit a 1 minute video and biography to and we will be in touch to arrange a telephone interview. Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not currently hiring and you may experience delays in response times.

Until we have a vaccine, Question One will be excercising all necessarry safety precautions to ensure the safety of our hosts, players and staff. 

We’re pleased to announce that we are gradually restarting fun quizzes at a number of venues using formats designed to reduce the risks of Covid. Please click HERE


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Question One can present Virtual Quizzes and Trivia for schools, employers, pubs and venues who are keen to appeal to their own customer base in addition to offering popular themed virtual quiz events such as Friends, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter too.

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