About Us

Question One is proud to have been running thousands of successful trivia events since 2003. Our personalised service is carefully delivered by a family grown enterprise and its team of professionals. We pride ourselves on our mission to give individuals, clubs, companies, venues, charities, and other organisations the very best trivia inspired entertainment that we can.

Since our very first trivia event presented by our founder at the Harwood Arms in London, our Trivia Hosts have been conducting weekly trivia peaking at over 200 events per week globally.

In a single year alone, we’ve written more than 3000 questions and hosted over 5000 quiz trivia events to more than 150,000 players. Our service now extends online and embraces other fun games such as music bingo.
We now look forward to serving you.

Andy Burns
Founder, Director and Quiz Writer

As an underperforming actor from Melbourne, Australia, I packed my bags in 2002 and headed to Europe in search of meaning. (A five minute stint on Neighbours is not enough to retire on).
Then in late 2003 I brought together two of my biggest loves, pubs and facts, and formed the Question One Trivia company. Back then most pub trivia was run by a local or the publican. They’d read questions from an old almanac and it was a quiet affair with little distraction. I thought I’d jazz it up a bit and make it into a show. It caught on!

I’ve since moved back home to Melbourne and launched our brand here. And just like in London, it’s catching on!

So here we are, many pints and many questions later and I’m still just as enthusiastic about a good fact then ever before. I look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon!

Superhost & Events Specialist

I have been a member of the Question One team for 4 years now, I began as a humble host learning the tips & tricks from our team of experienced hosts. I had always been drawn to entertaining a crowd. Turning up to my venues and helping to engage players and increase weekly numbers drew me further into working behind the scenes with clients.
After 3 years, I was invited to join the Q1 office and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been great to learn more about delivering our events as smoothly and hassle free for our clientele. In my current role as Superhost & Events Specialist I am involved with all aspects of the company from bookings to accounting. Any problem I’ll try my best to find a solution and I love bringing any creative ideas to life along with the rest of the team! Contact us today so I may have the pleasure to help your event thrive.

Alenka Snelgrove
Events specialist

I’m a copywriter and event specialist by day, quiz host by night. I joined the Question One Events Team in June 2021. I enjoy honest conversation, observational comedy, and storytelling. While completing my Bachelor of Arts degree, I received the “most likely to empathise with a rock” award, which still may be my greatest achievement. When I’m not writing, hosting trivia nights, or going out for a bev, I’m making art and videos.

Meet just a few of our many talented hosts…

Quiz Host

What happens when someone with a love of out of the ordinary part time jobs, who enjoys meeting
new people and loves to jump on a microphone come together? I arrive! My name is Brandon
Demura and I joined the Question 1 team at the beginning of 2021, a 21 year old Uni student simply
looking for a way to get out and meet new people. Coming from a background of Stand-up Comedy,
making sure my beloved patrons have a night of laughs and fun is what I’m all about because that’s
what Trivia nights are meant for! Being a step removed from my competitive passion of wind
powered water sports. A laid back and inviting night full of fun is what I want on my nights out and
that’s what I bring when I’m putting your teams to the test. Look forward to having a laugh with you
and your friends soon!

Quiz Host

Hi, I’m Penny, and I host trivia weekly in Melbourne at The Skinny Dog in Kew and Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars in Moorabbin. After attending trivia for a long time I decided that I wanted to host it myself, so I joined the Q1 team and never looked back! During the day I am in the laboratory as a scientist and at night I am bringing trivia players quality bants and a great night playing trivia!