About Us

Question One is proud to have been running thousands of successful trivia events since 2003. Our personalised service is delivered by a family-grown enterprise and its team of professionals. Our mission is to give individuals, clubs, companies, venues, charities, and other organisations the best trivia-inspired entertainment.

Since our very first trivia event presented by our founder at the Harwood Arms in London, our Trivia Hosts have been conducting weekly trivia peaking at over 200 events per week globally. In a single year alone, we’ve written over 3000 questions and hosted over 5000 quiz trivia events for over 150,000 players. Our service now extends online and embraces other fun games like music bingo.

We now look forward to serving you.

Andy Burns
Founder, Director and Quiz Writer

As an underperforming actor from Melbourne, Australia, I packed my bags in 2002 and headed to Europe in search of meaning. (A five minute stint on Neighbours is not enough to retire on).
Then in late 2003 I brought together two of my biggest loves, pubs and facts, and formed the Question One Trivia company. Back then most pub trivia was run by a local or the publican. They’d read questions from an old almanac and it was a quiet affair with little distraction. I thought I’d jazz it up a bit and make it into a show. It caught on!

So here we are, many pints and many questions later and I’m still just as enthusiastic about a good fact then ever before. I look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon!

Senior Host & Management Support

There must be something really good about Question One as I’ve hosted well over 1000 events since I started back in 2009. The company has grown largely through word-of-mouth recommendation. By 2013, I was more than happy to support Question One behind the scenes to help spread our quiz trivia fun more widely as the demand continued to grow. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of bar, pub and venue colleagues throughout London, face-to-face, as part of creating successful events and letting them flourish. I’ve set up many of the HR systems for hosts and colleagues at Q1 and developed training modules for both as the company evolves. Most of these systems revolve around putting our clients and quiz particpants at the heart of what we do. The work continues and we are very much here for you!

Operations Manager

I have been a member of the Question One team for four years now. I began as a humble host, learning tips and tricks from our team of experienced hosts. I had always been drawn to entertaining a crowd. Turning up to my venues and helping engage players and increase weekly numbers drew me further into working behind the scenes with clients.

After three years, I was invited to join the Q1 office, and I haven’t looked back since. Learning more about delivering our events smoothly and hassle-free for our clientele has been great. As Superhost & Events Specialist, I am involved with all aspects of the company, from bookings to accounting. Any problem, I’ll try my best to find a solution, and I love bringing any creative ideas to life along with the rest of the team! Contact us today so I may have the pleasure of helping your event thrive.

Operations Supervisor

I have been quizzing with Question One since 2018. I trained as an Actor and have always loved entertaining a crowd. The fact that not only could I fit quizzing in easily around my Acting work, and also have a really enjoyable time hosting, made it a great fit for me! I joined the Events Team in 2021 and am now Operations Supervisor for our UK Team. I love meeting new people and coming up with creative ways to bring ideas to life, so it has been an enjoyable experience working alongside our hosts and venues, doing just that! I help ensure all our events run smoothly each and every day, whilst liaising with venues to continue to create bigger and better events all the time. I love finding ways to help our venues create unique and fun events. I also recruit all our new hosts and get them out quizzing with our venues. Hit me up to get your event off the ground, or if you think you’d make a great addition to our team of hosts!

Events Specialist

I’ve loved pub quizzes pretty much as long as I’ve been able to drink in pubs, so it was only natural that one day I’d become a quizmaster myself. I started hosting for Question One not too long before the pandemic hit, so I thought I’d make up for lost time after by infiltrating the heart of the organization! For me a quiz is one of the most fun ways you can spend time with friends old and new. There’s never an awkward lull in the conversation when you’ve got an anagram to solve, and they can lead to debates and disagreements which can simmer for months afterwards – the true bedrock of any friendship. As part of the Q1 team it feels wonderful to be able to facilitate that. Unlike the rest of the team I have not acted since school, but I do try my best to write screenplays.

Meet just a few of our many talented hosts…

Quiz Host

I started in the business as a mobile dj with an ambition to work as a radio presenter. I eventually made the grade onto a local radio station in Surrey and also enrolled at a drama school as I had become interested in trying my hand as an actor. I still work as a freelance radio presenter but through an agent I also work as an actor on tv and in the theatre. I have been the face of a life insurance company and recently played the older Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock) in a series for American television. I also work as a compere and toastmaster, hosting events and sometimes being the “voice of god” for award ceremonies.

Quiz Host

I started hosting quizzes quite a few years ago for Question One and it has been an incredible ride ever since that first night. No doubt my experience as a stand-up comedian has helped me adapt to the multifaceted role of quiz host. Initially it was just as a cover, filling in wherever a regular host was on holiday but soon enough I found myself being drawn in to the ecosystem of pub quizzing and before I knew it I had regular quizzes of my own every week. It’s a real joy hosting a quiz, whether it’s for a corporate client or down the local pub for a few hours. We are all part of the same quizzing community and I love it!

Quiz Host

Hey there! I’m an actor and stand-up comedian with over twenty years of experience on screen and stage and also a youthful veteran host of literally hundreds of quizzes ranging from high end companies such as Amazon, Lloyds of London, Deloitte and Virgin through to esteemed charities like Amnesty International, MIND and Cancer Research all the way down to hosting in front of one man and a dog in any given local pub……. and everything in between. When not hosting quizzes, I quite like taking part in nationally televised ones having come close (but failing miserably) in Eggheads and The Chase in recent years.

Quiz Host & Events Specialist

When I’m not quizzing you’ll find me flitting about as an actor/performer/director making theatre or showing visitors the sights of London as a tour guide. Most of my creative work is in immersive and participatory theatre – it’s my mission to help people have a great experience of life. Hosting a quiz is not about who knows the most, it’s everyone coming together in one place socialising and having fun racking their brains without staring at a screen! I’ve been working with Q1 for over five years and I never get bored…come join in, hey, you might even win!